If you were impressed by the period atmosphere and the unforgettable courtyard scenes in Marianna Ucrìa and I Vicerè, they will be quite easy to relive when you visit Fegotto.

The manor house’s architectural features and its complexity have made it an emblem of Sicily’s aristocratic homes, where for centuries the private lives of the islanders were played out. And it was also the setting for public, political and economic manifestations, which is why Villa Fegotto has over the years been chosen as the backdrop to numerous film sets and, more recently, even for television series.

Nino Manfredi, Lando Buzzanca, Laura Morante, Philippe Noiret, Nino Frassica, Enrico Lo Verso, Michele Placido, Lorenzo Crespi, Tony Sperandeo – just some of the great names of Italian cinema who “found a home” at Fegotto, even for protracted periods in front of the camera: indeed, the whole set design for Roberto Faenza’s masterpiece Marianna Ucrìa, created by Danilo Donati, has been left exactly as it was during shooting.

Before then, Fegotto had previously hosted Paolo Nuzzi’s Giovannino in 1976 and Alberto Simone’s Colpo di luna in 1993. In 2004, Vito Zagarrìo filmed Tre Giorni di Anarchia and even the popular Italian documentarian Alberto Angela has devoted several episodes of Ulisse, il piacere della scoperta to Fegotto.

Of course Fegotto was one of the privileged locations for the Il Commissario Montalbano series (Inspector Montalbano) (for episodes such as The Mystery of the Terracotta Dog, The Goldfinch and the Cat, The Track of Sand, The Patience of the Spider, Back to Basics) and other television dramas (L’onore e il rispetto, The Last of the Corleonesi, Blindati).